DTS 4135.timeserver

The DTS 4135.timeserver sets new standards as a time reference for all NTP clients in medium and large networks (LAN Ethernet / IP / UDP). It is highly precise, and with its intelligent concept for redundant operation, it offers a high degree of reliability and availability.

The DTS 4135.timeserver can either be synchronized from a time signal receiver (DCF 4500, GPS 4500 or IRIG/AFNOR time source), or from another NTP or SNTP time server in the LAN or Internet. The DTS 4135 can synchronize all slave clocks with NTP movements, either with NTP multicast or NTP unicast (both with time zone server function).

As a multipurpose device the time server is equipped with two independent IRIG/AFNOR outputs, two serial RS 232 / RS 485 interfaces with script file programmable telegrams, two DCF or high-accuracy pulse/frequency outputs (RS 422 and optocoupler), and one additional DCF current loop output.

The highest degree of system security and reliability can be achieved by the master-slave operation of two DTS 4135.timeservers connected via fiber optics (redundant operation).

Alarms are signaled by alarm relay, SNMP messages, or e-mails.